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MBH Advocates and Legal Consultants: Best Criminal Lawyers in Dubai

At MBH Advocates provide client oriented legal counsel in all areas of criminal defense. We offer the best criminal lawyers in Dubai. Our objective is to help you in these difficult times by understanding your objectives, clear and prompt communication, and continuous awareness of the cost/benefit trade-offs that are inherent in any legal representation. We aim to obtain the best possible results in your case whether it is to dismiss or to settle your matter.

When it is possible, we prefer to represent clients immediately the following arrest at the earliest possible stage in the legal process — that is before bail review, bond review, custody or detention hearing, and pretrial release.  This is so we can walk you through these steps with the support of our experience, ensuring that your best interests are always being served. With MBH Advocates, get the best criminal lawyer in UAE.

We then continue to facilitate the client’s movement through the judicial system, from pretrial discovery to a court or jury trial and, when necessary, post-trial hearings.

Best Criminal Lawyers in Dubai

With years of experience and an excellent track record of success, MBH Advocates Office is one of the most reputable law firms in the UAE. The firm’s criminal defense team comprises some of the most qualified and experienced lawyers in Dubai, who have a deep understanding of the country’s legal system.

Our expert lawyers also handle post-conviction matters. Our objective is to work towards an acquittal, dismissal of the case, or a reduction of the charges. If jail is inevitable, we look for a suitable alternative to imprisonment. It can be possible through plea-bargaining vs trial, we work tirelessly to obtain the best results possible.

Dealing with the areas of criminal cases is daunting and involves a lot of risk factors. Criminal issues constantly occur under unforeseen circumstances, and during those hard times, we at MBH Advocates and Legal Consultants can extend you helping hands. By choosing us as your reliable partner, you will get the scope to work with the best criminal lawyers in Dubai.

We specialize in understanding your prompt and clear communication, followed by your objectives and continuous awareness of any legal representation. We strive hard to generate predictable outcomes so that we can satisfy your expectations and meet all your needs and requirements.

We assist our clientele base in dealing with the complicated judicial system, from pretrial discovery to a jury or court trial. Also, we at MBH Advocates and Legal Consultation act as a strong backbone during post-trial hearings.

The lawyers in our firm, having years of expertise in this field, are capable of dealing with post-conviction matters. Our primary motive lies in working toward dismissal of the case, an acquittal, or a reduction of the charges. We try our best so that our effort and your investment don’t go in vain.

What Are the Benefits of Working with Us?

If you agree to rely on the best criminal lawyer in UAE, you will be blessed with a plethora of benefits by choosing us. Check out some of the pointers mentioned below:

  • Highly experienced: We know and understand the environment quite well. Apart from that, we work tirelessly to stay updated with the laws and policies. Our experience, knowledge, and connections allow us to reach the core of the problem in no time.
  • Factually sound: We try to guide you in the entire process seamlessly. Understanding the penalties or charges can be quite a big deal for an individual who doesn’t belong from a legal background. This is where we can try to provide you with factual information and a solution.
  • Handling critical documentation: Handing the paperwork and documentation is extremely tiresome, and we understand that completely. We take this responsibility and notice that there is absolutely no room for mistakes.
  • In-depth knowledge:Since we are experienced professionals in this legal field, we possess correct knowledge related to the law. We can understand the charges and pinpoint the loopholes if any.
  • Specific advice for challenges: Under the top-notch guidance of the best criminal lawyer in UAE, no one will be able to trick or bluff you in any way. Even if you get yourself into a bad situation, our expert advice can help you combat the given challenges.
  • 100% dedication:If you choose to work with us, we promise always to have your back, no matter what. We will stick to you and prioritize you more than anyone else. Our dedication to defending you will always stay intact.
  • Seamless processes:The entire process will get quicker if you agree to rely on your firm. Our professional experts will try their best to keep things moving seamlessly.

What Can We Do for You?

We can help our clientele base in several ways, such as:

  • Evaluate your evidence and charges
  • Plan out a solid defense strategy
  • Provide you with objective insights
  • Provide you with adequate knowledge of rules and laws

One key factor that sets MBH Advocates Office apart from other law firms in Dubai, UAE is its commitment to delivering personalized legal services. The firm’s criminal lawyers work closely with clients to understand their unique situations and provide them with tailored legal solutions that best suit their needs.

Moreover, MBH Advocates Office’s criminal defense team has extensive experience representing clients in a wide range of criminal cases, including white-collar crimes, financial crimes, drug offenses, and other serious criminal charges. They are well-versed in the UAE’s criminal laws and procedures and have a strong understanding of how the local courts operate.


MBH Advocates Office offers a comprehensive range of legal services to clients facing criminal charges. Some of the services provided by the firm’s criminal defense team include:
  1. Legal Consultation: The firm’s criminal lawyers offer legal consultation services to clients, where they can discuss their case and receive legal advice on the best course of action.
  2. Case Analysis: The lawyers at MBH Advocates Office conduct a thorough analysis of the client’s case to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution’s case.
  3. Defense Strategy: Based on the case analysis, the firm’s criminal defense team develops a robust defense strategy to protect the client’s rights and interests.
  4. Court Representation: MBH Advocates Office’s criminal defense lawyers represent clients in court and handle all legal proceedings on their behalf.
If you are facing criminal charges in Dubai, it is essential to seek the services of the best criminal lawyers in the country. MBH Advocates Office has an outstanding reputation for providing excellent legal services and achieving favorable outcomes for clients. With their experience and expertise, you can be assured of receiving the best possible legal representation. Contact MBH Advocates Office today to schedule a consultation with their criminal defense team.

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