Meet Our Team

MBH Advocates & Legal Consultants Team

Meet Our Team

Our MBH Team reflects the core values that promote competent and independent legal advice & advocacy to a wide range of local, regional, and expatriate clients.

Our attorneys and legal consultants have extensive experience in all aspects of litigation and provide our clients with realistic expectations along with all possible outcomes for them. We strive to provide the best & effective solutions through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and court-related litigation as tools to achieve our client’s goals.

MBH Team
Advocate / Chairman

Mohammed Bani Hashem

Mohammed Bani Hashem is a local Emirati lawyer and licensed advocate, with a broad knowledge base and litigation history in the United Arab Emirates, founder of MBH Law Firm. His leadership is based on national and Islamic values and ethics that underpin our practice areas.

During his professional life, Mr. Mohammed completed a Master of Laws at Dubai Police Academy. He is equally adept and qualified to represent both plaintiff and defendant due to his broad practice and extremely practical approach to his client’s matters.

Mohammed Bani Hashem is an accomplished public speaker & effective negotiator and specializes in the resolution of a broad range of disputes including breach of contracts, negligence actions, property disputes, insurance claims, debt recovery, criminal, family, and other fields of law.

Admitted to all UAE courts.

Since 2016 – co-author and speaker at Bel Qanoon (By Law) TV Show at Ajman TV.

Managing Director

Maisoon Sulaiman

Mrs. Maisoon is graduated from the College of Business Administration and successfully following her professional path with ongoing achievements. She has taken strong will as a weapon, success as a path, and excellence as a goal, and proved herself in record time in the field of team management.

Holding a Master’s degree in business administration, Maisoon has a strong asset of professional intellectual and creative capacities, as well as mastery of several languages, which enable her to deal professionally, efficiently, and skillfully with clients and partners.

From the Office Manager to the Managing Director at MBH Advocates, Maisoon proved her efficiency in managing and overseeing the day-to-day operations of all our offices.

As a leader of the management team, she ensures that the firm delivers all its strategic qualities, such as being client-focused, innovative, and delivering the best possible outcomes for clients. Maisoon is also responsible for the development and implementation of the firm’s corporate strategy and business plans.

MBH Team

Suhail Alshaikh

Mr. Suhail is an Emirati lawyer. He did his Bachelor’s in Law and Economics from Al Jazeera University in Dubai, also underwent training from Judicial Institute and was admitted to the local and federal courts in the UAE.

Mr. Suhail is a persuasive lawyer with a high level of insight and legal analysis that enables him to provide considered consultations and build effective legal strategies.

Prior to commencing at MBH Advocates, Mr. Suhail has been a President at Amerione Group, a business management company in Dubai. Earlier he worked as an Assistant Manager at Emirates NBD Bank, which enabled him to develop clear insight into banking and finance law.

Mr. Suhail has amassed extensive knowledge and experience in Sharia Laws, Banking sector, Commercial, Debt Collection, Civil and Criminal Litigation.

MBH Team
Intellectual Property Expert / Head of IP Department

Zahi Al Zureikat

Zahi Zureikat obtained his law degree from Damascus in 1993. Prior to that, he worked as an Executive Secretary of Undersecretary of Cultural Affairs at the Ministry of Information and Culture, from 1974-1990 in Abu Dhabi. From 1992 to 2005, he worked as a Legal Researcher in the Intellectual Works and Copyright office. During this time, he took part in setting up the Laws of Intellectual property in the UAE in cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

2005- 2008 he worked in the Ministry of Economy as a Legal Researcher in their IP section.

Later he worked as a legal expert at Emirates Advocates, Abu Dhabi until 2013, wherein he wrote memorandums, especially in the field of intellectual property; attended numerous court hearings.

At MBH Advocates, Mr. Zahi is heading the Intellectual Property Department, providing legal consultations concerning IP rights to individuals and companies, in compliance with UAE laws and international practice.

Meanwhile, he just finished a literary work concerning copyright and neighboring rights, as well as a dictionary concerning intellectual property and is currently organizing its publishing.

MBH Team
MBH Team
Legal Researcher / Execution Department

Suha Aziz Hameed

Suha Hameed is the most experienced legal researcher in our head office in Ajman, having been on duty since 2013.

Her brilliant professionalism enables her to deal with various cases on behalf of clients.

She concentrates her daily work in Ajman Court and Public Prosecution, handling legal procedures for civil, commercial, criminal, and family cases, as well as heading the executive department in Ajman. Her main tasks are to review and prepare case filings, pleadings, trial preparation, drafting of court requests, and assistance to the attorneys.

Legal Consultant

Mohamed Ali

Mr. Mohamed Ali is a diligent lawyer, with UAE experience since 2008, a valuable member of our litigation team in Dubai, and has comprehensive cognizance of the UAE litigation process.

Mohammed Ali has amassed extensive knowledge and experience in Family and Labour Law, Sharia Law, Commercial, Civil, and Criminal Law, and Financial Crimes and debt Collection.

At MBH Advocates he is responsible for handling court proceedings and drafting highly professional, extremely thorough court memorandums, and supervises litigation procedures through the entire cycle from filing a claim until the execution of the judgment.

He is well-versed in the local and federal court systems and has experience in all legal case degrees, including first instance, appeal, cassation, and supreme administrative.

He supports the team in the Dubai Office and cooperates with all the members to achieve the best results for the client’s needs.

MBH Team
Hanadi Ahmed Allawi
Advocate, Legal Consultant

Hanadi Ahmed Allawi

Hanadi Allawi is a Jordanian legal consultant with over 22 years of experience in corporate, commercial, and litigation law. She holds a law degree from the Applied Science Private University in Jordan and has specialized knowledge in several fields including ethics anti-money laundering, franchise agreements, trademark law contracts, bankruptcy law, legal risks in cryptocurrencies, and blockchain law and regulation.

Currently, she works as a Senior Legal Counsel for Corporate, Commercial, and Litigation at Mohammed Bani Hashem, where she leads a team of 12 lawyers and support staff. Her responsibilities include drafting and reviewing various commercial agreements, advising on high-level transactions, leading, and approving all preparatory work and registration procedures for new legal entities, and directing all litigation matters.

Prior to this, she worked as a Senior Partner at Rashed Al Shehhi Law Firm and Rashed Bin Arab Law Firm, where she advised on the reorganization of a food and beverage group, the sale of shares in a UAE LLC, and the establishment of affiliates in various countries.

With her diverse background and specialized knowledge, Hanadi Allawi is well-equipped to handle the legal needs of any business.

Legal Researcher

Hany Abdel Hay

Mr. Hany is our legal researcher in the Ajman office. Every day he deals with the government bodies, whether Police, Public Prosecution, or court, to support effectively all the cases on behalf of our clients in the northern Emirates.

His primary focus is claims filing, assisting lawyers in courts, submission of affidavits, pleadings, memorandums, petitions, and complaints. He also successfully conducts searches for court cases, criminal accusation orders, travel restrictions, and executive orders throughout the Emirates. 

Due to his high efficiency experience, and knowledge of the procedural laws in the UAE, we never delay our case registrations, submit legal documents, and follow up with the authorities.

His knowledge and way of working make him professional in reviewing the documents, pleadings, court requests, and assistance of our attorneys.

MBH Team
MBH Team
Paralegal & Legal Researcher

Yulia Perepeliak

Yulia is graduated from Kyiv National University in Ukraine and earned her Master of Laws Degree in 2005.
In addition to her legal knowledge, she has got experience in marketing as well and started her UAE career with the marketing department of MBH Advocates, combining her legal knowledge and creative vision to promote the Firm and its legal services to the public. Now she leads the firm’s marketing sector and is responsible for both internal and external strategic communications. Her remit is also to attract new clients for the firm through effective marketing.
Her continuous professional development and Law Degree enables her to coordinate the firm’s work with the new and existing clients, provide legal consultations, update clients on the progress of their cases.

Mohamed Haris Asaad, Legal Consultant
Legal Consultant

Mohamed Haris Asaad

A qualified lawyer and legal consultant, who provides high-quality legal services to achieve clients’ goals.

Mr. Mohamed gained broad legal experience in criminal, civil, commercial, rental, and family litigation in Egypt and the UAE.

Mohamed Haris graduated from Alexandria University in Egypt in 2005, is a member of the Arab Legal Sciences Association, a Certified Lecturer at the Egyptian Arbitration Center, and Executive Director of Justice Academy for Legal Studies in Egypt.

Prior to joining MBH Advocates, Mr. Mohamed obtained his professional experience in several reputable law firms in Dubai, and as a Lawyer in several UAE Banks.

Since joining our legal team, Mr. Mohamed has quickly proven his high qualifications, particularly in drafting case memorandums, legal notices and claims, petitions, and developing litigation strategies.

Legal Researcher

Ahmed Samir

Mr. Ahmed Samir is a young and energetic lawyer. Since completing his LL.B.  in 2020 and beginning his career in Egypt, he decided to shift his practice to the UAE.

At MBH Advocates, Mr. Ahmed constantly strengthens his legal knowledge and skills and reinforces his commitment to delivering exceptional legal services.

Mr. Ahmed plays a pivotal role in supporting the firm’s attorneys in preparing and representing clients’ interests and contributes to the successful outcome of clients’ legal matters.

In his daily work, he deals with the preparation and registration of court claims, and petitions, monitors court updates, and gathers case documents.  

He is proficient in dealing with government institutions and platforms, such as the Dubai court system, Public Prosecution, Police Stations, and RDC. 

Ahmed Samir, Legal Researcher
Ahmad Kassar
Legal Consultant

Ahmad Kassar

Mr. Ahmad is a bright and energetic lawyer. Since completing his LL.M. in 2017 in Syria, and shifting his career to UAE, he has gained experience in various legal practice areas. 

At MBH Advocates his primary focus is filing cases, executing the final judgments, and preparing and submitting a wide variety of legal petitions, notices, and responses thereto.

Ahmad Kassar also represents the firm before the various law enforcement and judiciary authorities, government bodies, and dispute committees. He thoroughly handles all the procedures and freely navigates in details of trial procedures at all levels with a sustained strategic outlook.

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