Frequently Asked Questions

You have to provide the lawyer with all the related documents and evidence which supports your position. A lawyer may conduct own search to obtain any necessary documentation or evidence to support your case.

By law, a lawyer cannot be compelled to divulge information given to him by a client, unless the client agrees to allow the lawyer to do so. Any information provided by the client will be held in complete confidence.

One of our lawyers will be primarily responsible for your case at all times. Whereas, our entire legal team will support the case under that lawyer’s direct supervision.

Our job is to help you in your case. Your job is to help us to do that.
A client is usually asked to cooperate by providing information and documents that we request in a timely manner; by showing up for appointments and depositions; and by attending the court or expert hearing if required.
The full extent of your and our responsibilities in your case will be set forth in our retainer agreement.

The law firm maintains an accurate record of the legal services that are provided in connection with your case. A monthly and /or final statement (invoice) will be mailed to you in accordance with your Agreement. The statement (invoice) will also include 5% VAT and a list of any additional costs (expenses) advanced by the law firm on your case. At the conclusion of your case, a final accounting will be provided to you.

Arbitration is an agreement between the parties of the contract, whether in the basic contract or a subsequent agreement, including the presentation of the conflict that may arise in the implementation of a specific contract to an arbitrator or more arbitrators, as it may be agreed to arbitration in a particular dispute under special conditions.

Fees are the compensation paid to a law firm/lawyer for provided legal services and shall be mentioned in the Agreement. The Fees may be based on an hourly rate, flat rate or contingent basis.
Costs (or Other Expenses) are additional expenses involved to support a case. They include such expenses as court fees, legal translation fees, expert fees, courier delivery and so. Costs do not include attorney compensation.

While handling your case, you will receive by email copies of all petitions, documents, pleadings, court decisions, payments related to your case. We make every effort to keep you updated at all times regarding your case.

Civil cases usually involve private disputes, mostly financial, between persons or organizations. Criminal cases involve the government prosecution of someone accused of committing a crime, that is considered by the local jurisdiction.

Every case is unique. The liability is never exactly the same in any two cases, even if it seems that they are similar.
There is no formula for determining the value of a case. Many factors influence values, including:
– The strength of the evidence establishing liability and/or the other party’s defences.
– The nature and extent of the damages.
– Countless other intangible factors which differ from case to case.

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and aims to assist two or more disputants in reaching an agreement. Whether an agreement results or not, and whether the content of that agreement, the parties themselves determine, rather than accepting something imposed by a third party. Mediation is routinely ordered by the Court and usually as a precondition to holding the trial. If that is one of the options in your case, your lawyer will discuss it with you.

Appeal means review by the Court of Appeal to the legal issues arising from decisions taken by the trial judge of the first instance. The appeal is not a new trial. The Court of Appeals shall consider whether the first court properly ruled on the legal case or not.
The appeal is a mean of ordinary challenge against judgments whereby the subject of the case is reviewed pursuant to the principle of litigation in order to correct the mistakes in the judgments issued by the court of the first instance.


Any and all content on this website, including the Frequently Asked Questions is intended as purely informational material. Such content may be inaccurate and is not legal advice, and should never be treated as such. Only direct advice from the legal counsel should be used in legal matters.If you have a question that cannot be found above, please contact us.

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