Labor Law

Labor Law

UAE Federal Labour Law is ever-changing and developing with both employers and employees having a wide and complex set of statutory rights, responsibilities, and obligations that must be observed.

MBH Law Firm provides expert legal advice and assistance in various labor issues in any emirate of the UAE, to defend employment guaranteed by the law.

We provide a wide range of services including negotiating employment or severance agreements, drafting and interpreting employment manuals, defending or prosecuting wrongful termination claims, or resolving any number of disputes that arise between employers and employees. In today’s complex economy, our experienced lawyers will help you in a professional and efficient manner.

We advise on various labour law issues including:

  • Legal Review and advisory on company’s HR Policies and Employment Contracts
  • Advisory on employee’s rights, including unfair dismissal claims
  • Grievance and disciplinary matters
  • Redundancy and re-organization procedures
  • Representing in the Labour Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court on labour cases

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MBH Advocates & Legal Consultants is a reputed full-service Law Firm established to serve justice and provide legal services of any level across the United Arab Emirates. We earned our reputation due to our distinctive business approach, commitment, and understanding with our clients.

We strive to generate a premium level of legal assistance to solve the range of issues confronted by both businesses and individuals. These basic principles embody all that we deal with and result in a timely, transparent, and effective litigation process.

MBH Advocates & Legal Consultants are staffed with the experience, knowledge, and professionalism to deal with the most complex legal challenges and we pride ourselves in our unrelenting commitment to excellence.
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