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Intellectual Property (IP) is the key asset for many businesses. Without a clear IP strategy, businesses may fail to protect their IP rights, leaving themselves without effective protection in cases of IP infringement.

Mohammed Bani Hashem Law Firm has established an independent Intellectual Property Office to provide professional technical services in the field of Intellectual Property Rights, as one of the leading in this field and staffed with a group of qualified experts and lawyers.

The Office is aimed to provide technical legal advice on intellectual property issues, prepare and audit contracts, revise and amend all kinds of infringements, protect intellectual property rights in accordance with applicable laws, international scientific concepts, and standards. Get intellectual property lawyer in Dubai with us and protect you brand.

Our IP Department provides distinguished services in the field of Intellectual Property, including Literary Property and Industrial Property, as well as legal expertise in the preparation of technical reports and memorandums for the Federal and Local Courts. With Mohammed Bani Hashem Intellectual Property Office get intellectual property lawyers in UAE and protect your brand.

Our services are provided under the professional supervision of the experienced legal expert in the field of intellectual property – Mr. Zahi Al Zureikat, accredited by the UAE Ministry of Justice and the Judicial Department in Abu Dhabi from 2009, and recently in the Dubai Courts.

Mr. Zahi Al Zureikat has over 28 years of field experience in the United Arab Emirates, participated in preparing the intellectual property laws and regulations of UAE during 1990-2007 at the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Culture. He took part in most of the IP conferences, events, and workshops in cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The most important issues and objectives of the Office are the technical and legal research of the most recent publications and studies issued by international IP institutions concerning intellectual property matters, such as WIPO, either by participating in these institutions, purchasing and accessing international and domestic conventions or applications.

Our Expertise

A full spectrum of intellectual property services includes:

  • Legal technical advice and professional opinion on all branches of IP.
  • Registration & protection of Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks, Trade names, and Trade secrets.
  • Protection against unfair competition, protection of geographical indications.
  • Protection of intellectual property rights related to new plant varieties and pharmaceutical products.
  • IP Audits & Due Diligence.
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts, providing a legal opinion in terms of its validity, whether for the transfer of literary property or industrial property, or its use and the consequent rights to the exploitation of all intellectual property rights.
  • Intellectual Property Disputes via Litigation:

– Identification of infringement cases: counterfeiting, imitation, similarity, exposure, and proportionality.
– Developing a litigation strategy, in consideration of business goals and objectives.
– Mediation, Arbitration, representation in UAE courts of all levels.
– Issuing expert reports and independent technical legal opinions.
– Cancellation transactions before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

  • Patents:

– Submission, registration, enforcement, and licensing of patents to the competent authority both domestically and internationally.
– Assisting in the capitalization of patent rights by licensing and enforcing the patents.
– Combating with violations and infringements of “exclusive right of the patent owner”.

  • Licensing:

– Determining the rights and obligations of the licensor and licensee to acquire, pursue and transfer the rights for exploitation.
– Determining the rights, whether exclusive or non-exclusive, and the duration of their validity and geographical scope.
– The transfer of rights in absolute means of the original right of “ownership and possession”.
– Negotiating, drafting, and enforcing agreements.

  • Trademarks, Service Marks and Business Appearance:

– Breach of the trademark
– Devaluation of the trademark
– Counterfeit advertisements
– Unfair competition
– Deceptive business activity
– Issues of trademark counterfeiting

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